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Forest Acres Payroll, LLC

Forest Acres Payroll is an affiliate company of The Neal Firm. We specialize in payroll solutions for churches, businesses and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.

We work diligently to alleviate as much of the accounting, reporting, and payroll burdens as possible from your staff so you can concentrate on the areas that are most important to your ministry or business operation.

Outsourcing your payroll needs also helps to provide additional checks and balances to maximize internal controls and helps to avoid potential penalties assessed by taxing authorities if forms and payroll taxes are not filed and paid on time.

Our Services

We provide full-service payroll solutions to our clients. We don’t just give you a portal through which to upload your payroll—we truly handle it all for you. Once you provide payroll authorization, we handle the rest!

  • Direct deposit of all paychecks, including certain reimbursements (such as mileage) and deductions (such as health premiums, tithing and retirement benefits);
  • Emailed pay stubs to employees, if desired;
  • Payroll summary reports notifying you when the payroll will be debited from your checking account, with details regarding each employee’s paycheck;
  • Electronic drafts of your payroll tax deposit payments with the IRS and SC Department of Revenue and SC Department of Employment and Workforce;
  • Journal entry, if desired, for your accounting purposes;
  • Preparation and filing of all Federal and State quarterly and year-end returns;
  • Preparation and filing W-2 and W-3 forms

If you would like more information about Forest Acres payroll and how we can help your team, please contact us below.

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